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First time homeowner looking for advice

5 years ago

Hello everyone, just signed up today with hopes that maybe someone can give me a some knowledge that I'm hoping to tackle in the spring

I've just recently became an homeowner and for the last two years I've always dreaded cutting the grass in the front yard do a slope on the grass. Makes grass cutting a bit cumbersome and it really isn't appealing to the eyes.

So me and the wife decided to finally try to make some plans on making this better. So some of the ideas we gathered are.

Extending the driveway forward about 9ft and widening it as well about 14ft to accommodate another car for parking.

Being though we have the hill I'm assuming a retaining wall will be needed as well.

We've ran some numbers and we've seen that gravel driveways can be done diy with some buddies and brews and a weekend or two so that would be great to be easy on the pockets.

We've gotten 2 quotes at around 2200ish from 2 family friends that do landscaping work but I would still like to see if I can do this myself with some hard work and tons of advil ☺

I've attached some photos and some crude designs (sorry I'm advance) to give up guys some kind of idea of what I'm working with

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