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2019 New Year’s SEED Swap

5 years ago

Welcome to the 2019 New Year’s Seed Swap

Details for Swap

1) Everyone is welcome to participate if you have 5 packets to send in or if you have 300 packets to send in you are all welcome to participate, its a lot of fun.

2) You have plenty of time to gather seeds and send them in, they are not due in until February 1st. I will have them back in the mail by end of February.

3) Please send a return mailing label and enough postage to return your new fresh seeds back to you, or if you want to just insert a new envelope with postage this is fine.

4) Please make a list of what you send in, this will assist me so you will receive all different ones in return.

5) You will receive at least as many packets of seed that you send in unless, you have plenty and want to donate some to newbies.

6) I will try to reward those that send in rarer, exotic, and named varieties when possible, Please send no more than 15 of the same variety.

7) Please private message me with your address. So I can get you on my spreadsheet.

8) This is to be fun, and you should receive a lot of new varieties that you don't have, and it is mostly dependent on you , if you send lots of the more common varieties you will get similar in return.. So sign up today, and join in all the fun, sharing and enjoying seeds from all over the country.

9) You can list your preferences, flowers, vegetables, mixed, herbs, etc.

10) If you have questions please ask. I will be happy to answer them.

Please Mail to :

Tammy McClearen

Box 1921

Seminole, Texas 79360

i will I’ll be posting some games as well so stay tuned for them.


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