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Hardwoods on main floor. Can I put similar LVT on 2nd or carpet best?

Anna MB
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Thank you for your advice. We have all hardwoods on the first floor and just had them refinished.

I am needing to replace our carpet on the 2nd floor. (4 bedrooms and hallway) .

I wish I could put in all hardwoods, but can't due to the extremely high cost.

Can I put LVT in a similar color, but wider planks, or should I just put in a berber type carpet? We have to use Shaw carpet.

We do have LVT in our basement that I love. We are in the midwest, and not sure how LVT will be for bedrooms? I hate carpet with a passion, but maybe that is what we have to do.

Any Shaw recommendations would be great.

I would LOVE a great carpet recommendation too that you have liked? ( I prefer a light greigey color).

Thank you for your advice. I am attaching a pic so that you can see how our floors are separated by the staircase, but we do have the cat walk, so not sure if it will look terrible.

These are carpets that are somewhat okay to me. :)

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