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Dining / Living Room Furniture layout help please!

Nicole Ann
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello Houzz!

I am in the process of planning a large reno of our entire 1965 bungalow, whose floorplan is basically staying the same. I'm really stuck on the furniture layout for our dining room and living room combo. Some design challenges that we have struggled with are the massive living room window that is completely centred in the room, and the awkward shape of the living room.

Our intention is to use the living room as a hangout room for when the two of us are home and when we have parties with 6-12 guests. We host a lot of dinner parties and game nights. For that reason, I really wanted a lot of living room seating. The dining table will be an extendable table so that we can seat up to 12 people. We are not movie people but I really want to be able to watch TV while I cook and it would be nice to watch TV while we eat at the table. For that reason, we are planning to wall mount our TV on the 17'1" wall (from the floor plan attached) above where the couch is.

Other factors: we have cats who really enjoy their cat tower in front of the giant window, so in the rendering I stuck a side table next to the tall plant to represent the cat tower. The cat tower is the same footprint, but taller.

My husband is also really into houseplants, but wants them to be directly in front of the window for maximum light exposure.

With this current floorplan, I'm concerned about whether we have enough storage and how the flow will be walking through the room.

I've attached renderings using our measurements that I have put into Ikea's planner. I am not planning on using any Ikea furniture (please ignore the actual furniture selected here!), but have found their system easy to use for space planning.

Please help!!!

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