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Update my exterior paint from the 80s:)

Ryan B
3 years ago

The 80's produced some good music and some classic movies but not much for home design!! About to have my first baby so the wife and I are upgrading from the house I bought after college! The only thing is that it is fairly ugly on the outside. I can use any tool I've ever seen but I'm at a loss when it comes to the design and how things will look. I'm thinking about removing the railing on the front porch or replacing them and making it look a little more modern but I'm at a complete loss as far as colors I should paint the house. I've seen some pics of a white wash or lime wash on the brick that I really like but I need some ideas pretty quickly. Also, the rear of the house is pretty boring. I close on it tomorrow and need to get the contractor going quickly! How should I paint my new house? (The current color is a pale yellow with red shutters and red brick in case your screen doesn't show the colors the same).

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