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Where to place art work around this buffet

Jen K (7b, 8a)
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I need help re: artwork on this wall where my husband's grandmother's buffet 'lives'. This is an eat-in dining room (but we don't use it as our dining room because our picnic table doesn't fit)

Wall: 7' H x 10' W (the wall is angled; the room ceiling height is 10')

Buffet: 4'9" H x 3'4" W (57" x 40")

The buffet is centered in the wall.

Do I only hang pictures within the confines of the 40 inch wide buffet?

  • if I only use the 40 in width how far can I go up on the wall?
  • Should I stick with evens or odds? I could probably get two large size or three moderate size pictures in one row/four or six in two rows. If asymmetrical, I can do a variety of smaller pictures but it might look too busy.
  • I'm open to asymmetrical or symmetrical style.

I don't have the prints yet. The art I have, created by my aunt, will be used elsewhere. I'll be using to by my artwork. This piece of furniture has to stay on this wall, mostly because it's bigger than any other furniture we have to put on this large wall and we have to keep this piece in the house (we have too many antiques for our down-sized home).

I could add two wicker chairs on either side to expand width by 32" to a total of 62".

Thank you.

Buffet wall

Perpendicular wall with windows. Third wall is the back door

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