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Dark grey vs White quartz counter with dark hardwood floors

Diane Saulnier
4 years ago

Hi all! I was hoping to get some advice from those with an eye for design. I am in the process of remodeling my 1st floor and kitchen. I just had a very pretty European oak floor installed. it has a range of colors in it as you can see by the photos. I am having the existing solid cherry cabinets painted pure white- SW and there is a white herringbone tile being put in for a backsplash. Above the gas cooktop I am having an inset tile mosaic that is dark grey and white to break up the white and add a nice element to the kitchen. Here is my dilemma....I initially was going to have dark grey quartz (pental quartz- sorrano) put in for our counters. However, after seeing the flooring installed I am wondering if I am making a mistake and should go with the white Pental quartz - arezzo that has a black veining in it? I worry that the flooring and the grey quartz will not complement each other? Also i am having a white kohler farmhouse sink installed. I was planning on having black cabinet hardware. initially i was thinking grey because I really like it but also then I dont have to worry about all the different shades of white not matching. I have included pics of the materials. any advice about the kitchen would be super appreciated! thank you!!!

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