Kitchen Layout Help - Help us bring this 90s Kitchen up to date!

3 years ago

Hello, we are considering buying this house and are trying to determine if there is anything that can be done to make this kitchen work better and more up to date. We want your expert opinions!

We would like to take out one of the walls either between the family room or the living room to open the space up, but we are almost certain both walls are load bearing so we will have to work within this footprint. There are three openings to this space, plus and exterior door. We could close off one of the interior openings if needed for more cabinet wall space but we don't really want to cut off the kitchen from the rest of the house. We are open to ideas!

We are a family of four (2 children). Currently the kitchen has a peninsula and a built in pantry. We do not like the sink in the peninsula area and would very much like to move the sink to a wall. We would love an island with seating for four (we have that now and like it). But we realize the room is possibly too narrow. So we could stay with a peninsula if we must.

It also has a bay window area which is used as a breakfast room - but we are open to ideas there and may be replacing those windows and possibly could do higher up ones if that allows us to place cabinets under those windows to make the footprint of the kitchen bigger and this could be used as extra storage and a buffet possibly? But there would not be room for a table - so island or peninsula seating would be extra important in that scenario.

Wants: Island or (worst case) peninsula seating (for 4); Drawers for lower cabinets; sink removed out of middle of kitchen (house is on a slab so not sure how much that costs to move to a wall); cabinets to ceilings (10 foot ceilings); pantry (but can tear this one out and use a cabinet if better for the layout; under counter drawer microwave.

Thanks in advance for any ideas and/or encouragement!

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