advice for kitchen pantry / closet

2 years ago

In our kitchen, we have a very small closet that we use for a pantry. I have 2 issues with it. Is it possible to remove the door frame and change it to use a cabinet door instead? I want to maximize the width of the closet so that we can put in rolling shelves. The closet now goes all the way to the floor (of course since it's a closet now.) The width of the closet opening is 18 inches, but we lose 3 inches of space on both sides due to the door frame. Is it possible to remove the door frame and put a tall closet door instead?

And, what are the most economical ways to do rolling shelves? We are DIYers, so that doesn't bother us. I have heard of ShelfGenie, but I want something that is not super expensive.

I have this same issue with our bathroom and would like to do the same with our bathroom closet.

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