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Water in crawl space!

Joan Smith
4 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions and/or advise regarding water in my crawl space. The house is new (just over 6 months old). We built the house on an existing lot. Our previous home burnt down and we had to start completely over again so the lot was cleared, scrapped, leveled etc. My understanding is the existing footings were removed and new ones were poured as we chose not to use the existing home plan. Now we keep getting A LOT of water in the crawl space. The last time I looked the water "puddle" was about 4 inches deep and about 8 feet long and about 2 feet wide. We never had this problem before. The builder has been out 3-4 times now and has dug out around the base of the house on the side of the crawl space door and every time there is a about 12 inches of water all at the base of the house. There is a tankless water heater on the same side which constantly drips water and the pipe from the air conditioner condenser is on the same side (I read they can put out 5 - 20 gallons of water a day). Each time the builder has come out he has put concrete at the base, a tar like coating at the base, this last time he plugged a 'hole' in the brick mortar. He tells me it's subterranean water coming up from the other footings and maybe it is, but what I want to know is 1) is this normal? 2) can it be fixed and what would you suggest? 3) is this the responsibility of the builder or the homeowner? Thanks so much.

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