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Lemon Tree's Leaves Yellowing and Wilting

Arne Weiland
3 years ago

This is my Eureka Lemon tree which I planted last May. I'm concerned about two things: the yellowing of the leaves and the wilted/shrunken leaves up top. Over the past few weeks, more leaves in the center of the tree have yellowed. It's lost a few leaves but nothing too drastic at the moment. There is also a lot more growth, which is reassuring, but if you look at the top branches, some of the leaves have wilted and shrunk. We've had a pretty significant drop in temps in SoCal lately, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a more serious issue. My soil is mostly clay with poor drainage so I've been trying not to overwater, but I read the leaves shrinking could be from water deficiency. I don't see any mites or pests on any of the leaves, and I also gave it some citrus fertilizer last week. If anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it! Pics below...

A month ago..

A week ago...

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