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Help creating modern living room using Queen Anne couches

5 years ago

Need a little bit of design help please! We recently purchased and moved into a fairly large house and "inherited" a couch and loveseat (along with coffee and two side tables) from my in-laws for our living room. While I'm grateful that I don't have to immediately spend the money to buy new couches on top of all of the other "new home" expenses, traditional Queen Ann is REALLY not my style. I'm trying to work around the couches and "update" the look to something more transitional/art deco/modern/contemporary using new coffee/side tables, lamps, etc I might even be willing to put new cushions on the couch (though re-upholstery is totally out of the question). Here are the couches in question (that is NOT the coffee table I inherited though, and our living room was just painted to BM Majestic Mauve):

I was looking at something like this for the side tables:

and something like this for a coffee table:

The goal is to try to "lighten up" the dark and heavy couches... thoughts? Suggestions?

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