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Please help with closet layout

Gennadiy Baturin
4 years ago

My master bedroom closet is mess!

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To make things worse, there is a heater pipe enclosure in the middle of it.

Perhaps, I can make it a little smaller and still be within the code, but it will save me 8 or 10 inches.

And this is the plan:

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I like the idea to make shelves on one side only, something like this one:

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but in this case I will loose about 30 in wide of the storage place.

Not sure if I want to build the shelves the same way they are now, in L-shape, because the corner is not really useful behind pipe enclosure.

Also I do not think that building the shelves on the same side with the door is a good idea, will the place be too much cramped?

This is the plan that I have, but I am afraid it is not enough space for me and Mrs. for our closes

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What is the best way for my closet shelves?


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