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Laundry Room Location

Maple 36
5 years ago

We are remodeling our house. Currently we plan to add a laundry room in front of the play room mainly for use of our kids to watch movies with friends and play video games. The thought is to hid the room so no one will see the mess. A real estate friend saw our plans and said we should move the laundry room to another location so it will feel more open and the light from the windows can shine into the hallway. As you walk up the stairs, you will see a much bigger playroom/bonus room. If we move the laundry room, the only place we could have it is get rid of the storage outside of the master and next to the master closet. The dimension of the new location of the laundry room will be 5’10” x 6’ while the old location will be 5’8” x 8’. What do you think? Will you find the house much more desirable with a bigger play room/bonus room?

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