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furniture placement, corner fireplace, walkways around, diagonal walls

Nida Khan
5 years ago


Please help me arrange furniture in this terribly-designed Family Room of mine! I have a corner fireplace and walkways from the kitchen to the other bedrooms and a long entryway all in the same space. I've had the house for 3 years now and it's been a nightmare.

I currently have 2 sofas and 1 loveseat along with a media console.

I've attached 3 pictures -- 1st of emply floor plan, 2nd with the builders' (terrible) furnioture placement which blocks off the windows and fireplace completely; and the 3rd of how I have it currently but all the wackways are in the middle and makes putting in a rug or side tables EXTREMELY difficult.

Can someone please help me design a REAL family room (with a rug and side tables) for my weirdly designed family room, please?

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