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linear or square drain in walk in shower? placement of drain

5 years ago

We are converting a tub to a walk in shower. I was planning on putting in a curbless walk in shower but to simplify things we decided to go with the curb. I haven't told the tile guy this news yet. Before this we were planning on using an 8" tile throughout the bathroom and shower. I may still use this tile or may use penny tile. If I use the larger tile I can understand how the tile guy wanted the linear drain. I've been told that linear drains are mainly used for showers with large tiles. My guess, now, is that the tile guy is going to tell me that I can use any drain I want.

My main worry has been drainage. Our current cheap hair catcher really starts plugging up the tub after a couple of days with hair and soap. It seems a longer linear drain would have a bit of room to hold a bit more water which would give me piece of mind. They are, however, bulky to clean, I'd think. As for square drains, I'd need to find one with a hair catcher and many seem to have screws on them so to be more tedious to clean.

Also, it seems logical to me to leave the drain where it is since there will be a glass panel there, for water to all head in that direction but I've been told that most people want the drain moved to the middle otherwise it will look like too much of a slope. Anywhere I can save money would be great and I don't mind the look of the drain to one side. I've heard it'd be bad for resale of the house.

thx for any thoughts on pluses or negatives of each drain? thx!!

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