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Can you help what's wrong to my citrus plant?

5 years ago


I am curious if someone can help me what am I doing wrong to my citrus plant?

It was doing well, but suddenly, I start seeing leaves loosing strength (as you see on picture, leaves pointing downward), seeing discolor spot around, leaf drops, and eventually dieback. I have a feeling that it is over-water, but I was giving water twice a week (not a lot) and my soil is not that moist according to the moisture meter. My root seems ok (don't look rot to me), so I am curious how to save this plant? I just put my plant to new fabric pot w/ dry (but lightly moist) soil. Also any chance to revive/bring back this plant? I don't see a lot of grow lately :(

If this is not overwater, can you help me what's wrong?

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