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ideal fireplace/TV arrangement for family room

Jessica P
5 years ago

Ok, so I am a bit unsure of which layout to do as far as a fireplace and TV go. Here is the floorplan and a picture of the room (built by someone else) with the fireplace as it is in the plan. I do not want my TV above the fireplace. I will not be having built ins, so the Tv will be on a stand. I am thinking of moving the fireplace to the exterior wall and the TV would go on the interior wall instead. I would do two narrow windows on the left side of the fireplace, and 1 slim window with the 1 exterior door to the right. Or I could do two matching windows on each side.....and move the door to the corner of the breakfast area (closest to the island). However, I do not want it to seem cluttered with all the windows, door, and fireplace on the one wall. (The architect told me that I could do the door swinging outward, as to not interfere with the breakfast table as much.) In this setup, my Tv and fireplace could be the focal points and be centered on a wall. I would have 1 sofa facing the Tv and the love seat facing the fireplace. That would leave me the corner spot for a Christmas tree also. I just am not sure if I will regret blocking the backyard view with the fireplace. I really want lots of natural Im a little nervous because all the pictures of this house have the chimney in the interior. If I left it as is, my TV stand would go in the corner. And I would probably do a triple window and then have the exterior door. I just don't want it to look cluttered on that one wall. I realize there are pros and cons to each.....just wanted to see if anyone had any insight that I haven't considered. The windows to the family room will be facing NE. Thanks so much!

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