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Help with awkward smallish living room layout!

4 years ago

We recently renovated our kitchen (dark grey area), including opening up three walls to create an open concept kitchen. The space is bright and open, but I am having issues with the furniture layout in the living room. It used to be a living room and dining room (the area between the long side of the kitchen island and the sunroom doors). Now the furniture seems clustered awkwardly in the corner to leave walkways from the entry and into the media room clear.

The natural focal point of the room is a huge, rough stone fireplace wall, but the walkway to the media room is right in front of it.

The side of the kitchen island that faces the sunroom doors also has stool seating, so a dining table there feels redundant. The sunroom doors are almost always open and serve as the main path to the deck and backyard. Doors in the entry hallway lead to bedroom wings.

I have a large (8 x 10) rug in the corner that shares its walls with the entry and media room, but that only enhances the sense of a cramped cluster of furniture in the corner. A larger rug would extend into main walkways and, I fear, might become a tripping hazard.

Please help. I have made sketch-up models of various configurations and I'm stumped!

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