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Kitchen layout dilemma. What do you think?

Jamie Smith
4 years ago

We will soon be renovating our dining/kitchen, making it the kitchen! We will be opening the wall through to the formal dining, where we plan to eat all our meals (except perhaps a rushed breakfast at the kitchen island on a busy morning). Our structural engineer has given us the "OK" to remove 50% of the wall between the kitchen and dining room. We thought that having two doorways at either end of the room would work best, leaving a large wall for a calendar/memos, and a unit underneath to store school bags etc while kids do homework at the kitchen island, and for all the junk that seems to gather in the kitchen (so it's not in the cooking space).

We were inspired by this photo, with the open wall and connection to the outdoors...

Wicked White Quartzite Kitchen · More Info

But it leaves us with a dilemma. As you see in the above photo, there is no space for a dishwasher on the left of the sink. Putting it on the right would feel clumsy as we are both right handed (so naturally lift dishes with our left to scrape/rise with the right), and we would have to lean over/past the open dishwasher to get to dirty dishes that have been piled in the landing zone on the right of the sink as they come back from the dining room. It also leaves very little space to squeeze between the open dishwasher and the island, which is unfortunately only 33" wide. And if we move the sink down to accommodate a dishwasher, we are left with no landing zone for dirty dishes coming back from the dining room. We haven't been able to come up with a solution that allows us to keep the window/door. The best I have come up with is this...

And this would be the limit to how far we could move the sink, without needing to do some magic with the baby gate, which disappears into the island like a half height pocket door.

We feel like this layout works, but it seems a shame to lose the door from the kitchen, although I guess the dining room door isn't so far away.

So, can you figure a way to fit the dishwasher and a door out of the kitchen? (The Last 33 1/2 inches of the external wall can't be opened up, unfortunately.)

If not - what do you think of this layout? Would it be better to move the fridge to the sink wall in the last 33 1/2" wall space?

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