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Help me fix my sister's hidious decorating choices

5 years ago

I'm helping my sister settle into her brand new home. I'm not the greatest decorator but I'm far better at it than she is. I'm having trouble though. First off, the walls are a very pale gray color as is the carpet in the living room. The same color carpet is in every bedroom and also in hallway. The flooring in the kitchen, dining room and entry way however is a bold mix of different colored woods. Varying from light to dark. Some of the, hallway, bedrooms are a medium tan color ( think mobile home walls). So the only room that looks gray is the living room. The rest looks more brown. She just bought really dark charcoal gray couches which looked nice with the light carpet and walls...until she added a very bold area rug that has various shades of blues and oranges ( kinda southwestern looking). She loves the rug, I think it's hidious. Especially when she bought a second one (exactly like one in living room) and placed it in the dining room that already has the bold wood floors. It's an open area so I need ideas on how to tie these rooms together. Should I encourage her to buy a light or dark wood table? A dark or light wood coffee table and end tables? Should I use more shades of brown's and grays? What color pillows? Curtains? Throws? She wants her accent colors to be aqua and coral. That's was her reasoning for her hidious rug choices. Any tips, pointers , ideas are welcome. To my eye, I dislike the bold rug on the wood floor. I also dislike the random use of the tan walls and gray carpet but changing those things are not an option

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