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What do I do about my Fiddle Leaf Fig? Photos included.

I've never cared about a plant so much and of course it's one of the most temperamental ones out there, lol. My window is an Eastern facing window. I have had my FLF for going on two weeks now. I watered for the first time Monday. Gave it three cups of water and it's about 4 feet tall. I have not repotted it from the pot it came with at Pike. I mist her 1-2x a day.

I think I need to get a humidifier, as it's Fall here in Atlanta. And my roommates keep the house pretty cold... 68 degrees cool. Not even heat... Will be trying to compromise with them on that. She has some bruising around the edges that looked like physical trauma to me. But her leaves are drooping and curling inward.

This morning I kind of freaked out before work and moved it to the left of my window and repositioned my mirror so it reflects light towards it. I'm nervous about even moving it three feet. But not sure what I'm to do...

(mirror was moved against the wall on the left to give more light)

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