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Has anyone bought Cambria from Kitchen Magic (via Costco)?

3 years ago

Costco in my area sells countertops, using subcontractors. I've used Costco before for carpet and window treatments (also through local subcontractors) and have been very happy.

Now that I'm ready for countertops for my bathroom I called Costco, but I'm very dismayed to find that Kitchen Magic is the local sub.

My limited experiences with Kitchen Magic have all been very unpleasant, and I never bought anything from them. The phone call I got today was no different. This was supposed to be a simple phone call to set up an appointment for a consultation; instead the woman on the phone wouldn't stop asking me loads of questions about other work I might be doing, whether my husband will be home during the consultation (they want both spouses there - huh??) about what and what about redoing my kitchen, etc. etc. Relentless, even when I made it clear that I wanted counters for the bathroom and nothing else.

And then thanking me for choosing Kitchen Magic - as if! I'm going to call Costco to see if there is any choice of subs for the Cambria, but I'm very reluctant to have anything to do with Kitchen Magic, although I was very eager to do this through Costco.

Does anyone have any experience with them?

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