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What what WHAT kind of table do I put here?

Corinne Masterson
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Behold my sun room. What am I doing wrong?

1. The tree on the left is for my children (see first picture). It has to stay.

2. The mattress for daybed will soon be covered in white canvas. Strewn across the mattress are pillows that I’ll be using to mass produce Christmas presents as they are too small for practical use (oops.)

3. Can both of these side chairs live in the same room? Are they making the place look too much like a Coppertone ad? If one of them were falling off of a cliff, I don’t know which one I would save.

4. I hate the wine chest in the far corner of the photo. I’m slowly phasing it out of my husband’s view until he forgets how much I paid for it and I can dump it.

5. I hate that little side table next to the plantation chair. Too orange. It‘ll soon be joining my wine chest on the island of misfit furniture.

6. What kind of table do you use for a day bed? It’s so low.

7. Look how handsome my little Gussy is!!

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