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Tile color/style for kitchen/dining update!

Holly Lang
3 years ago

I live in a townhouse with open concept living/kitchen/dining area. Currently, we have natural light colored hardwood in the living area with a curvy transition into tiles going into kitchen and dining.

Now that we are redoing the kitchen, we want to change this horrible floor at the same time! In a perfect world, I would have hardwood all the way through living to dining area, but due to cost - it's too expensive and I don't even know if I could match 10 year old hardwood with new - we are going with tiles.

This leaves me with the dilemma of: How do I choose a tile that won't look too "kitcheny" under my beautiful reclaimed wood dining table and also keeps the flow of the open concept without cutting the living/dining area too harshly?

Any thoughts???

*Kitchen will be white with marble grey countertops and the debate of either grey or white subway tiles backsplash.



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