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How to approach addition/remodel when layout doesn't make sense?

5 years ago

My husband and I want to remodel our home in about 2020 with a small addition, but don't know how to approach the remodel. The biggest problem in our minds is that the layout of our home doesn't make any sense. There is no dining room to speak of, the place where we eat is 3 rooms away from the kitchen, and the entire first floor space isn't being used to its best advantage, most likely because it was remodeled before we bought it, and they added a second story (via an attic and dormer) with two bedrooms and a bathroom, and turned an external porch into part of the downstairs living space. The home used to be a one bedroom, one bath, and now is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath.

We basically live in the kitchen, and we like to entertain, so having a dining area adjacent to the kitchen is really our main goal to foster a sense of community and togetherness. I find the prospect of adding to the home without addressing the non-sensical layout hard to conscience. If we are going to remodel, we might as well make it all make sense...right? Instead of just adding on another higglety-pigglety space. I'm worried if we add on to the kitchen side of the house, the other, currently living room and dining room side will basically start to be wasted space. The absolute dream would be an open layout with kitchen, dining, and living rooms flowing together. How should we approach this project?

Let me know if you want pictures, and thanks for advice :)

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