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Need help choosing a BM off-white paint for a walk-in closet

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Here is my unloved closet.

I’m having it freshened-up with new carpet & paint but need help choosing the paint. Personally, I wanted straight-up white but my DH convinced me it would be too stark. I am now looking for an off-white among the bazillions out there.

The room is large but not well lit. The lighting sources are a south facing, half-moon window and 2 globe lights.

White Dove - used in other parts of the house but I'm afraid will look grey-ish in the closet.

Simply White – sounded like a winner until I found several comments saying it has a green cast. Subjective comments but still not a great thought.

Cotton Balls (Laurel Berns fav). Seems a bit yellowy . On Lori Sawaya's site it shows Cotton Balls as leaning towards Yellow/Green so that's got me worried.

For reference, Valspar’s “Cream in my Coffee” looked awful. Like the underside of an uncleaned vent hood. (don’t ask)

Thanks for sticking with me. Anywho, I'm lost. Any warm, off-white paint suggestions for a dark closet?

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