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How to salvage ugly bathroom floor situation-luxury vinyl plank

Avon `Lady
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I showed my contractor a specific (brand, item number) luxury vinyl plank I wanted him to install. It was a light gray with very faint grain marks with a bit of sheen. He bought and installed. Unfortunately, it was not the one I requested. It was not available according to him. The attached is a knotty pine looking floor in taupe in a matte finish. It has a very heavy wood grain appearance. It looks awful. He refuses to install what I wanted without a lot more money.

I attached pics of the floor. Is possible to use semi-transparent light chalk paint or some white light stain to soften the look? I'd prep the floor for the paint/stain to adhere and paint polyacrylic on top to keep the paint intact.

If it's a bad idea, I will have another contractor rip this out and buy my own materials. This contractor was great before. Not sure why this total misfire happened. Thx for the help!

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