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Please help. Dinning room project I can't decide on

Paras Gupta
4 years ago

I recently moved in my new home. I am trying to furnish this dining room.

I like unique, one of a kind items and something that is comfortable. I am going for a slightly modern, yet comfortable and elegant design. I have kept an cream / oatmeal shade color combination throughout my home with gold accent pieces.

The dining room measures 164" x 142".

I purchased a 108" x 40" x 30" RH Torano Marble table with gold base. I liked this table the moment i saw it. It had that unique factor, plus the base was not very bulky, or big, so it would not hide a family heirloom silk rug.

I did not like the removable upholstery chairs RH had that went with this table. They felt too boxy and bulky. I have been looking for chairs to go with this table for 5 months now and cant find anything. I am looking for something comfortable, but has that wow factor. I have checked Rh, crate and barrel, pottery barn, etc.

Another issue with this room are 2 tall french casement brown cabinets with a matching buffet in between. (buffet is missing in pictures). I love the cabinets, they provide plenty of storage and display space. I am having a hard time finding dining room chairs which will go with the cabinets and the dining table i have. I was first thinking to first get beige or light gray dining chairs with gold legs, but that might be too modern and will not work with the cabinets. It might also be too much gold color in one room. I then thought to get chairs with dark brown legs and upholstery, but that seemed too traditional and would not work with the dining table?

So i am stuck. I would love to hear your ideas, pictures, recommendations.

I open to using leather, or fabric. I am ok with metal or wooden chairs.

I also plan to upgrade the chandelier in future. This is the only and main formal dining room, so i want it to look nice. Please help...... :(



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