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Running PEX-Al-PEX to cast iron radiators...which brand? and other q's

5 years ago

Hi. I have a 1926 2-story colonial about 1200-1400 sq feet. Last fall/winter, my tenant went into into the hospital, then coma then died over a several month process. She hadn't turned on her heat yet and we had early freezes which caused some leaks in the system both in the radiators themselves and the lines in the ceilings.

I have decided to replace all the lines with PEX-Al-PEX and make each radiator its own zone. I don't see a point to leaving any of the old system intact. The radiators are stacked on top of each other and the risers are actually right in the room so it will actually be easy to run the lines, needing only some ceiling cuts for the second floor lines that connect the rooms. There 9 radiators total, 7 cast iron and 2 baseboard.

I have read numerous articles (I am talking many, many hours) and watched a ton of videos. I am planning on running all the lines myself and bringing in our heating guy to connect the manifold and adjust the system.

So here are my questions...

1. Are any systems better or easier than others? I have been reading good things about Viega for ease of fittings.

2. I would like to finish the basement eventually so should i buy a manifold big enough for the future three radiators in the basement and cap them or just buy the size I need for now?

3. Should I put zone valves on each radiator at the manifold for adjusting each room's temperature or does the small size of the house make that unnecessary? It is a living, dining, kitchen downstairs with 3 beds and 1 bath upstairs.

Any help is appreciated. Trying to tackle this in the coming weekend before it gets too cold to work in the house. I am planning on moving to this house when the housing market lets me out of my current house so I want it to work for us too (Jersey shore).

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