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CORETec flooring is gapping. Need help trying to fix it. DIY?

Louanne Mobley
5 years ago

CORETec flooring is gapping at butt seams. It started gapping 4 months after installation in February 2018. It is a floating floor, so gluing the gapping boards seems to me like it will cause gapping in other areas since the floor will not be able to float as is was designed to. Have contacted Shaw Flooring, the installer and other installers. I either get no response, or the other installers don't want to touch something that someone else botched. The original installer always seems too busy doing government contracts to come and fix my floor. I don't trust that they know what they are doing. It has been suggested that I take up the floor and relay it, making sure the subfloor is right (the original installer said that CORETec was so awesome, I didn't need to smooth out the rough spots in the subfloor). Has anyone had any experience doing this type of project?

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