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How far to bring counter over Shaw's sink?

3 years ago


We just bought a beautiful new 18x24 farmer’s apron Shaw’s kitchen sink. Love it.

We are having it installed in kitchen with a marble counter around it. It will be undermount. It will stick out about an inch or two on the front as these sinks do.

We would like the marble to come over the rim on the sides and back of the sink just half way, not all the way over. Our contractor is telling us it has to come over all the way. Something about controlling water and not getting water behind the sink. I don’t believe it. I have seen photos of other Shaw’s sinks (on this website and elsewhere) where it looks like the counter just comes over half way or even less.

Must it come over all the way and be flush (or beyond) with the sink or can we insist we only want it over half way or even less?

We want to be able to see our lovely sink, top and all. Thank you!

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