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Need advice on my one cane rose that I don't want to lose

I put my Black Garnet in the wrong spot, where she's gone downhill in for years. A few months ago this one cane was almost bare - I thought she was too far gone, but I dug her up and potted her. Now I'm getting good growth on this cane, but her crown looks so unhealthy, that I don't think I'm out of the woods.

Would be interested in ideas on if you would mess with this at all - just let her be, or try to rejuvenate the crown, or ?

I wish I had more experience in rooting cuttings, as I'd try to duplicate her, but there's not much to duplicate from, and my percentages aren't too good. And I can't find her for sale anywhere.

First bud / bloom I've gotten in a long time.

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