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matching snow tires?

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

i got 3 nice honda 16" steel wheels/snow tires for very cheap. i buy/sell stuff on CL and buy low/sell high and am always looking for oddball stuff. than i got a matching alloy wheel/tire for $10 but it is all season. so, wanting a matching set i set out to find a 4th steel wheel/snow tire (low odds) or maybe a bare wheel and single snow tire? of course i found another A/S tire/steel wheel so now i have 2 a/s tires and 3 snow tires. hoarder? am trying to sell alloy wheel and than use money to remove tire from 5th wheel and dig up a 4th snow tire. too much effort?

honda seems to be 3 common sizes. smallish for civics, bigger for accords and bigger still for odysseys. by luck i was searching for my civic size and just happened to find 3 tires in my exact size. i figured i had to buy them

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