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Does Anyone Know of an Adequate "Photoshop" Software Package ...

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

In taking photos of my African Violets (with my phone camera), I often find that the cast is "too blue" ... and a bit washed-out. I've tried to correct the color/appearance of some of my photos with available "free" photo-shopping software, but rarely are my efforts really satisfactory at matching the true color of my Violets.

And now I'm finding that even the previously "free" photo-shopping packages are being bogged down with advertising which can only be avoided by upgrading to a "paid" premium service.

Now, I believe in paying for good service, but if I'm paying, I want to make sure that I get a package that's worth the money. Now, to frame what I'm looking for, I'm barely an amateur photographer (hence the phone camera) ... and I very rarely monkey with any photos other than those of my Violets, and that's only about a dozen times per year or less. (I've most recently used ... which is offering a premium service for about $3.00/month). But I'm not really happy with the results that I've been getting from their free service recently.

Does anyone have a suggestion of an adequate "photo-shop" software to try out ? Or is my only option to upgrade my camera capabilities (for which I'm not really wanting to make that much of an investment) ?

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