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Best Kitchen Layout for limited space and kid in wheelchair

So we recently had a "water incident" in our house. A pipe burst in the wall and flooded 80% of it, including the kitchen. Mold was found behind the kitchen cabinets and at least two of them were damaged. I'm not sure yet if only those two boxes will be replaced but it has me thinking. While everything is being torn apart anyway, maybe now is the time to rearrange the space.

We have a 3 year old son with a congenital myopathy and he is wheelchair bound, and with our current layout, it was always hard to have him in the kitchen with me without blocking a major walkway. Actually it was hard to work in the kitchen at all without blocking a walkway, especially since my husband is an avid cook. I'd like to rework the space to include a walk in pantry instead of the little closet that is there now, as well as eliminate the peninsula and move and reshape the island to make traffic flow around the room better. The breakfast nook behind the peninsula was always an awkward space, but I'm finding it hard to improve upon things without making them too tight. All we need is a little table for 3 for breakfast, we have a dining room. I'd also like to keep the living room nice and open to allow my son floor time with the family but would also like to move the TV to the larger wall to the right of where it is now, so that it is better viewable from the whole space. We don't really watch a lot, but I feel like this would open up the room a bit. Any ideas? Constructive criticisms? Ideas on cost? The way I sketched it out I have about 4 foot walkways around the whole island and about the same amount of cabinetry as before, plus more storage in the pantry and an extra dishwasher.

current setup approximately... There are two windows behind the sectional...

Idea...Work in progress...

A mirror image of our floor plan, give or take...some of the windows are different, we don't have sliders...

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