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Help! White walls and ceiling. Can we use same colour and sheen?

Tara S
5 years ago

We are at the drywall stage of a huge reno and will be starting to paint soon. I am planning to use a sprayer and back roll the whole house white for now. I am planning to use a gloss for the trim and eggshell and/or satin on the walls. I am curious about whether I need to do a different colour of white and/or sheen for the ceiling. I have always done my ceilings flat white but am curious about using the same paint - eggshell or satin -for the ceiling and walls, in the same colour white. What do you think? Most of the ceilings are drywall but there is tongue and groove in the kitchen and living room that I am painting out. I'd also welcome any tips for interior spraying as I have only used a sprayer outside. Since none of the cabinetry or floors are in I figured the sprayer would be a good option. Thanks!

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