Help with Living Room Layout, New Couches, Decor (everything)

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi, our entire house needs help and I don't know where to start! I love reading Houzz and getting ideas, but I am a bit useless with decorating myself . Have now finally decided to just begin somewhere, and starting with our entrance which is the sitting room.

We moved from a very small cottage with minimal furniture, so got old couches from family to use. We must now decide if we want to get new ones or re-upholster (thinking grey) these current ones. Not sure about the size, what do you think? I have another one seater currently in the tv-room. I am also not sure about the layout with fireplace on one side and piano on the other.

I was thinking about getting a large bookshelf on the wall where the glass-cabinet-thingy is. Obviously also need something on the wall behind piano, and the other bare wall on the right of fireplace, but what? Also need a new light fixture but not sure about the size and shape.

Please help?

Our decor style is modern-rustic, and we like functional stuff, not too cluttered.

Thank you in advance!!

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