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Foundation experts pls help! contractor wont help even under warranty!

Deven Webster
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I’ve had something stuck in my head for quite some time now and I’ve tried to google my question and I just can’t seem to get a clear answer. Long story short I live in a home that just turned a year old. I’ve been having some drainage problems which has already created foundation problems on one side of my home. The home came laid out with concrete landscaping border around the home and layered around the permitter with landscaping rocks so I know this can make the grade look very deceiving. I pull back large sections of the rock and the fabric and soil is completely washed out or eroded, bulging, all around terrible grade. I’ve noticed massive rocks everywhere in the soil. Took me 4 hrs to plant a few flowers and shrubs out front because I had nothing but a 50 pound rock hammer and had to bang through the soil and grab massive boulders out of it. At least 30 rocks ranging in different masses. Its clear my entire foundation is probably burried with large rocks everywhere. A house is being built down the street and I watched them do the foundation, and witnessed them use the same soil they dug out to backfilll the foundation, full of big rocks. What I’m getting at is this as big a problem as I think it is? Doesn’t rocks create air pockets deep within the soil and cause settling? I have settling happening all over my house, and it’s thick, rocky hard clay soil.. if this is typically unethical/against code id love to know. Because I think the city inspector ought to know this is what they are doing. I have compaction problems everywhere, I pulled back landscape rocks and found a large hole leading underneath my driveway. Can anyone help me understand this? Various pics below I’ll take more tomorrow of the side with the bad grade. Also I’m considering filing a lawsuit i think it’s hard to argue somebody messed up somewhere right? That kind of foundation damage on a home a year old just doesn’t happen overnight. I’m at my wits end with this any professional/experienced advice is much appreciated.

rainy day water seeping under garage door hasn’t been open. Bad grade?

Garage foundation wall pic#1

#2garage foundation wall on bad grade/bad drainage side.

Underneath driveway. It’s like a tunnel it goes deep.

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