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Riva floors or other Select Engineered wood?

Zankar Thakkar
5 years ago
We are looking for engineered wood for our 3000sq ft home. We like select wood (less characters/knots) and keep the price under 8$ per sq ft.
We found sample of Riva floor at local store and like the look. But I am confused abt its wear layer. As the attached photo, the label says 4mm wear layer but the website says 3mm wear layer.
Please see attached pictures and let me know what you think.
Is it possible to get select grade engineered wood under 8$ in San Jose CA with at least 3mm wear layer? I am looking for 3mm because internet says that’s what is needed to be classified as at least “ok” quality.
Has anyone installed this floor? If so can you pls share pictures?
Thank you.

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