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Kentucky Bluegrass in Central Indiana Update

5 years ago

I thought I'd start a new post, given the several questions that I've posted over the last few months. The KBG is germinated and germinating. I overseeded a couple of areas about 10 days after the first seeding. As of now, I believe I have enough KBG down that I won't have to overseed any more. After learning of the sleep, creep, and leap facts about KBG, I suppose it will take a year or two before everything gets filled in, but that's ok. Hopefully, next spring I will be able to use the preemergent Dimension. In the meantime, I'll add a slow release winter fertilizer later in the fall. Now the wait is on for the new grass to get tall enough for mowing and hopefully that will happen in the next two or three weeks. The weather is supposed to get very warm here again in central Indiana, so that might help a bit. Thankfully, I have a complete sprinkler system that is still on. Attached are a couple of photos of the project as it is now. Again, many thanks for the forum help with this project. It is greatly appreciated.

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