Help with built in cabinets idea for small living room, builder grade

2 years ago

Hello, my husband and I bought a smaller builder grade home 4 years ago in Edmonton, Canada. It was not what I would have chosen but it was what we could afford (I'm grateful to be able to have a home really). The house is open plan which is not my favourite but it is good for our needs, especially now with a 2 year old boy. The kitchen opens to a small living room and there's a dining room space to the right off the kitchen. I would like to maximize space by building cabinets on the wall where the tv is now, either by hiring a professional or having my husband do it (he's very handy) . the thing is, there are 2 narrow windows on that wall and I haven't been able to find lots of designs around 2 windows. The windows are also low which make it hard to do a bank of doors without covering at least a bottom portion. Oh and about a year or 2 after we took possession we realized that the wall width on both sides at each end is not the same, one space is shorter than the other (facepalm) . My idea is to do cabinets around the windows and leave a space in the middle for the tv.

Can anyone tell me if it's a good idea to still go ahead and do built in cabinets (or the look of built in cabinets) in that wall? or should I scrap off that idea and do a cabinet on the other wall to the left? That wall has a triangular cut off space where the stairs go so anything I build there would have to follow that slant.

Sorry, I don't know what to do.

(first photo is my living room, second photo is the showhome kitchen but it's basically the same but my fridge is on the other side of the pantry)

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