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Small bathroom update

K Schu
3 years ago

We are in the process of remodeling the downstairs of my house, turning a room that used to be an indoor pool (I know, right) into a media room. The small bathroom by it has really only been used until now by people staying in our guest room, but now, it's going to get used a lot more so it needs a refresh.

We've ordered a new vanity and new tile, which I attached pictures of. The tile we picked is the light gray on the top. (We did also order a new, regular height toilet.) The new vanity will be a bit smaller and will sit a few inches away from the wall.

Our house has a casual, beach house vibe, with a palette throughout of soft, beachy colors - white, gray, sand & soft aqua.

This bathroom is small, with really tall ceilings and no window. I'm thinking of going a bit more dramatic but wanted to some opinions first. The media room just beyond the bathroom will have a slightly more rustic feel than the rest of the house, with exposed beams and painted wood walls. The guest room across from it is painted a soft yellow with gray carpet and white trim.

I really like the current color, but I don't know what it is and it really needs to be repainted, so I'm thinking of changing it up.

I'm debating between a dark color (gray? blue?) or a dramatic removable wallpaper. Will a dark color make this bathroom without a window be too dark? Has anyone had good luck with a removable wallpaper?

I also need new decor - I just threw up a couple of things so the walls weren't bare but the scale isn't right. There is a shower stall across from the toilet, so anything needs to be humidity proof.

Also, the ceilings are weirdly tall - almost 10 ft. Any tricks to make the room's height seem more proportional to its size.


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