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HELP! New floor grout color very inconsistent - regrout or color seal?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Remodeling our hall bathroom... Just had new tile laid in a tub/shower and bathroom floor. The guy that did the grout totally botched it though - dramatically inconsistent grout colors in both shower and floor locations. The floor is the worst of it — obvious that the grout was all mixed in small, unmeasured batches... a few small sections are consistent with the dark brown color selected, but the great majority of the floor is a washed out and almost white-ish gray color. Ugh!

I insisted it be fixed and that the owner of the company come look at it even. She acknowledged the poor grout job and very inconsistent colors, but the solution given was to use a “Color Clad sealant,” which would color the grout the appropriate color and seal it as well.... This is a service they offer under a tile/grout restoration company they also own and she says is usually a “premium” add-on type thing that will “actually give a better product in general”... She said she *could* have the tile installer come to have the grout ripped out and redone, but she felt strongly that this solution of color sealing was actually the better one

Thoughts? Is color sealing really the better route over having all the grout just ripped out and regrouted? The tile was actually laid well and I certainly don’t want tile damaged over trying to get grout removed, but I also don’t want the color sealing to just be a “bandaid” (that needs extra maintenance/reapplication) if a regrout is really the optimal solution.

Photo below shows part of the floor — correct grout (meant to blend with tile) is seen at the very right and the rest of the discoloration seems obvious...

I should say too that the shower area grout problems are a light gray grout on white subway tiles. Except some of the grout is light gray as intended and some is a dark gray in places...even as you go along the same grout line. I’m a bit more tempted to just go along with the color clad sealant with that scenario, but the floors seem just a more obvious wreck

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