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Confusion about wording in contract: meaning of "replace drywall"

3 years ago

So this was my first remodel project on a condo and admittedly this is not my area of expertise. Among other things my contractor worked on part of the work was fix the drywall around my windows that had some dampness and was worn down in parts (the windows were also replaced). In the contract it says "replace drywall under windows" and "insulate exposed walls". I'm not an expert but it appears that the drywall wasn't really replaced but was just patched up in the weak areas. From the outside I don't think can really tell the difference but I'm worried that the there's some risk the underlying problem wasn't completely fixed i.e. water could seep in, etc. So does it seem like my contractor did what he was supposed to or are any of my concerns justified? Thanks in advance.

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