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Curb appeal makeover for craftsman bungalow

Amanda H
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

My husband and I are looking to make some updates to the exterior of our 100+ year-old craftsman bungalow but we're having a hard time knowing what will give us the best bang for our buck.

  • Driveway and front walkway are made from small, black rocks. The previous owners did not lay a barrier, allowing grass/weeds to grow throughout. We believe large square/rectangular pavers would be a good idea for the front walkway but are not sure what to do about the driveway if we want to attempt to keep it somewhat environmentally friendly.
  • The whole house needs a fresh coat of paint and repairs to some of the wood paneling. How do we choose a good paint combo for the paneling, brick, railing, porch, lattice (to cover pier and beam), front door, etc.?
  • The windows are original and are in desperate need of replacement but we've been told original windows are a good selling point. I'm a little doubtful :) How do we choose a style that will be more efficient but still give the same look and feel of a bungalow?

Any other suggestions are much appreciated! We want to have a general idea of the overall look and feel of the house and where to spend our money before we start quoting everything out.

(First 3 photos = current; our landscaping is overgrown

Last picture = photo from the real estate posting in May 2017 - included to show their landscape intentions)

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