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Stained Area at New Granite Seam: Need Advice

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

My daughter just called for advice on a new granite counter install seam at her sink. She wanted to know if the darkened area would go away. My seam did not have this daekened area when installed so I do not know what to tell her. Did anyone have thus kind of darkened area after a new install?

She also vented about the kitchen installer thinking she is unreasonable for insisting on hidden support brackets for the 12” overhang on her 2cm granite island. I advised that she needed them; he says none are needed. For an 81“ long island I said at least 3; she wanted 4: he finally agreed, but she only saw two at the job site tonight....island will be done on Monday. I do not think two brackets are adequate. Any advice?

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