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Where to add a full bath - upstairs vs. downstairs??

5 years ago

Looking for some advice. Our home is 4 bed/2.5 baths. We would like to add a full bathroom to our home and want to place it where we will see the highest return on our investment. Most of the homes in our neighborhood have at least 3 full baths, so this investment decision is in line with our market.

We are considering two options:

1) Turn our current downstairs office into a guest suite and add a bathroom there. This would also create a much-desired first floor bedroom.

2) Add a bathroom to our bonus room. FYI...we have a strange upstairs layout where the bonus room is only accessed by a bedroom. We considered creating a hallway to the bonus room, but it would be cost-prohibitive and would reduce the bedroom size too much.

I've attached drawings of our current upstairs and downstairs layouts as well as the two layout changes we are considering. Would love to get feedback from you! Thanks so much!

***I posted this earlier but the post seems to have disappeared***

Current 1st Floor:

Option 1 - Create downstairs guest suite with full bath (it is a wet bar in living room so we would have some of the plumbing there to create this bathroom).

Current 2nd Floor:

Option 2 - Create bathroom in bonus room

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