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Kudos to Matt at High Country Roses

Hi folks

I can only reply to this thread while it's on the front page (since Houzz support is unable to trouble shoot why every browser and every machine can't access successive pages of this website no matter how much I clear the cache etc.). Therefore, I can't start many threads since I'll lose track of the discussion quickly, but I wanted to give a positive shout out to Matt at High Country Roses for some very quiet and effective response to feedback about his roses.

To give a plug for HCR (among the many other wonderful rose vendors), he is really responsive to customer feedback. A year or so ago, I'd dropped him a casual remark among some other communications that the Reine des Violettes I had gotten from him many years ago was the Not Reine des Violettes that's circulating - i.e. thorny and a once bloomer instead of a thornless repeating rose. I didn't hear anything back from him at the time and figured it was just a FYI on his part. This year, along with my order confirmation he sends a casual note to me that he's gotten new stock of his RdV and he's checking to make sure that this is the right rose now.

So this shows a couple of wonderful things that you only get from a small company that puts the roses and customers first - he remembered and paid attention to this feedback, he actually DID something to fix the situation, he remembered who had raised the question, and he independently got ahold of me to let me know he'd acted on this feedback. Plenty of bigger organizations with a corporate mentality that happen to sell roses do not make these kinds of sensible and customer-friendly responses. That alone would get me to give HCR my business, along with many other rose vendors that have similar commitment to the products they sell. Beyond that, Matt sells a high percentage of roses that will survive in my zone 5 climate, and he has some unique Canadian and once-blooming roses that no one else sells too.

I think his annual 20% off sale is still on and he always sends high quality roses that thrive in my yard. They're bigger than band size roses - I think quarts - and they take off well in my yard being nicely rooted and healthy when they arrive. I ordered about 30 roses this fall for shipment in the spring from High Country Roses and that's totally fine for this sale. Matt sent a confirmation and I can confirm that spring delivery is just fine to wait till 2019. So cold zoners, order to your heart's content! Let's keep another of our great small rose vendors selling these quality roses.


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