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Do pipes (water, etc.) freeze under crawl space?

4 years ago


I live in a very cold climate, near Canada, so we have freezing snowy winters, mostly all winter long. I don't have a basement, just a crawl space underneath my home. Home inspector stated that pipes might freeze during winter, especially water pipes if not continuously especially if we are gone from home for more than a couple days or so. We asked previous owners and they said the pipes are insulated. However, the home inspector wasn't too sure about that and was worried.

This is the first time we live in a home with no basement (just a crawl space), so we don't know what to expect. This coming winter would be our first experience in it. Is it possible that pipes will freeze in the winter? How can we prevent this?

Also, could someone with a crawl space in a very cold climate relate their experience?

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.

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